DSC02089This past weekend I finished The Gentle Angles of Grief and gave him a lovely black box from which to gaze downward upon his sadness.

I am quite satisfied with this sculpture. The finish is exactly how I envisioned it; the looseness of the stain compliments the sketching nature of the sculpting. This will be one which I use as reference for keeping it loose and emotive going forward.

And so I continue…

GlancingThoughtI’ve been working on this Portrait of the Artist’s Husband for a couple weeks. It has been a bit of a struggle in that it is my husband, and my husband is an artist, and the artist has a critical eye. So my normal “What do you think?” requests for feedback received more than their fair share of response. It looks like Andrew and yet not… quite…

The photos I took of Andrew were when he had just gotten out of bed. His hair was standing on end and he had quite normal 49 year old bags under his eyes. You know, those bags we all have now, at this certain age. I captured his mouth and the shape of his skull but his eyes are eluding me. As I dry him slowly I will make a few changes but he has run his course for the most part. There is a point in a piece that it says “I am done” and efforts to mess with it tend to mess with it. Ha!

I will have to start thinking of finishes for him while I deal with a few submissions to upcoming exhibits, wonder on who I should sculpt next (I will stay away from relatives for a while) and get on with work and life, all the while wishing I could be in the studio all day, every day. Sigh. Life.

Beginnings and Endings and Everything In between
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