Size Matters

My last post was a while ago but it’s interesting that it ends off saying that I wanted to paint bigger… because I’m painting bigger now! Well, sometimes. Painting en plein air with a large panel is difficult because you turn into a human kite. So mostly I’m bigger in the studio. I have been working on a few low tide scenes. All that variation in colour and texture is so fun to play with, it allows me to add more colour and use the palette knife on the more hard-edged stones and the depth of field helps me to work on composition – drawing the viewer’s eye into the scene. It’s all just huge fun.

Here’s a piece in progress (below). I believe I have just a bit more work to do – on the upper left side rocks. Since it’s so big, it has taken several long studio sessions and as I am back at work after vacation now, even more 1 hour sessions after work. I’m using a solvent-free medium rather than linseed oil to loosen the paint and it creates the ability for me to use transparent layers of colour. Very nice. However, if you use too much of it, the medium won’t layer on top of itself anymore – it just pools. Live and learn, people. Live and learn.

The Sidney Fine Arts Show is being adjudicated right now so we’ll see if either my work or Andrew’s is accepted. Hopefully both!

New Year, New Tools, New Toys!

Storm Season, Cattle Point
Oil on panel, 24″ diameter

For my artist husband’s birthday wish a few weeks ago, we both selected large round wood panels to spend the day with in the studio. My new fondness for painting knives, a love for new Princeton brushes and their “paint mover” plus some photo references from Cattle Point a few days before resulted in a painting which I am very, very happy with. I LOVE working with painting knives!

The knives allow me to put paint on quickly and in a more structured way as well as thicker. I can then use the brush to vary the texture so it’s not all so hard-edged. The round format was great fun and though I’ll use it sparingly (for cost reasons and so as not to make it trite), I think it brings a new perspective to the standard rectangular landscape.

It did, however spoil me. I want to paint larger and larger and larger…

Few Words, Plenty of Thoughts

I am blessed with some time off this holiday season and now that the bulk of the celebrations and obligations have been taken care of, I am starting to immerse myself in making art. In the studio first while the weather is typical Victoria winter (RAIN) and then hopefully en plein air as the sun appears, slightly. I don’t feel I have much to say about this but at the same time, plenty. So I will leave you a just-finished studio painting and a plein air location to cover for that contradiction.