This month I’ve been attempting a recovery from chronic back and neck pain which ended up causing migraines. I should have dealt with it a lot earlier and it took significant suffering and soul searching to allow myself to accept that I need real therapeutic help and time off work to heal. Getting comfortable with the anxiety and fear that comes along with this has been a stressor in and of itself.

But today I took a muscle relaxant and the world is a better place!

In all seriousness, this has meant that I haven’t been able to plein air paint and have only painted in the studio once in the last two weeks. It is important for me to develop a healthy posture while sitting and so I consider painting a healthful creative, mental and physical endeavour. Art therapy.

And my next appointment is tomorrow, depending upon my level of pain… And paint.

Jasper Dusk, plein air oil, 6"x6"
Jasper Dusk, plein air oil, 6″x6″
Pain and Painting
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