I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus from here and from art making in general for the past month or so. The TD Art Gallery Paint-in and Sooke shows were huge hits with lots of art talk, inspiration and sales. This new plein air direction is hitting home for not just Andrew and I but for our collectors as well. I love seeing work go to good homes!

Andrew and I are just 11 sleeps away from moving into a new-to-us town home after selling our little house and buying all within a 2 week summer vacation. Prep for the sale was just a 2 week venture so all together we’ll have completely changed our home-lives within 2 months. We are moving to the east side of town to be closer to work for me (I can walk!) and to remove a huge amount of house maintenance from our lives (No more fall leaves!!!). Which hopefully means more time to paint en plein air but also in a larger studio. It doesn’t seem real and I suppose it won’t until we have those keys in our hands and are gazing at the space around us. Sigh.

The grounds of our new complex have a series of ponds, fountains and green spaces and our new neighbours had better get used to seeing us out there painting. Expect some new scenery here as we explore and enjoy a very welcome change.

The Times, They Are A Changing.