Storm Season, Cattle Point
Oil on panel, 24″ diameter

For my artist husband’s birthday wish a few weeks ago, we both selected large round wood panels to spend the day with in the studio. My new fondness for painting knives, a love for new Princeton brushes and their “paint mover” plus some photo references from Cattle Point a few days before resulted in a painting which I am very, very happy with. I LOVE working with painting knives!

The knives allow me to put paint on quickly and in a more structured way as well as thicker. I can then use the brush to vary the texture so it’s not all so hard-edged. The round format was great fun and though I’ll use it sparingly (for cost reasons and so as not to make it trite), I think it brings a new perspective to the standard rectangular landscape.

It did, however spoil me. I want to paint larger and larger and larger…

New Year, New Tools, New Toys!