I do.

I love the feelings which come over me when a pattern is revealed. Be it visually in the form of a graphic pattern or rhythm; facial features and expressions; writing or speaking; human actions and interactions; everyday activities or complex rituals. Patterns are satisfying.

And I love the simple focus it takes to create a portrait which reflects some of the complexity of an individual and the joy which bursts inside me when I can pair that portrait with a meaningful pattern.

Yes, I am gestating a new artistic direction. I’ve taken a break from making art (sculpting) to deal with life and an issue with my arm and shoulder (from sculpting without a break! Silly me). And what is developing is a return to what makes me happy – people and patterns.

Since I also love jumping from medium to medium… I’m not sure where the process will start. I do know it will be exciting.

Stay tuned!

I love people and patterns
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