The holidays are here and so are still my back pain and migraines. While I do my best to manage the pain at home, it still follows me into the field. I now take with me a little foot stool to put one foot up on, which seems to help but once done and back in the car, the evil one reappears and by the time I am home it is all I can do to scramble into bed and lay prone, propped and medicated. Until we paint again. Spine be-damned, I am going to paint through the holidays!

And so today we went to Ross Bay Cemetery. One of us wasn`t feeling the location and took off for a walk while the other stuck around to get a start on this sketch. I finished it in the studio this afternoon after said pain nap. I am very happy with the unfinished look of this piece. I love working on raw wood because it grabs the paint from my brush and seeing it peering through the paint is lovely. Keeping one big area that loose helps me stay relaxed with rest of the painting. I attempted to include a couple headstones but they looked `stuck on`. Ah well, another day, another skill to develop.

Tomorrow the plan is to visit the back-stuff store to see if there is a solution for the car seat and then we`re off to paint at Thetis Lake. There are so many places to paint, so few holidays and unfortunately so much pain. Artist`s are historically supposed to suffer but I thought I had traded that for my day job. 🙁

Ross Bay Sketch

Working Through Pain
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