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Tools make the artist?

Christmas came early this past week with the arrival of our much anticipated Alla Prima Pochade Boxes, lovingly made by hand by artist/craftsman Ben Haggett.

Andrew and I are plein air newbies and lovers of art supplies. We decided to forgo Christmas gifts this year and purchase two Bitterroot Pochade Boxes.

And the next day, magic happened as we broke our boxes in on a beautiful sunny fall day in lovely Cowichan Bay. The boxes consolidated the supplies we need to take to plein air paint and focused our art making on just that, rather than juggling palettes and paints and even coffee cups! The boxes are so beautifully made, ingeniously functional and they even smell good. Wood smells good. As does salt air and oil paints. And fresh coffee.

Plein air painting is so lovely. Even lovelier with good tools.

Alla Prima Bitterroot Pochade Box in action.
Alla Prima Bitterroot Pochade Box (and Andrew) on the docks at Cowichan Bay.
My Alla Prima Bitterroot Pochade Box on the docks at Cowichan Bay.