On Tuesday my physiotherapist showed me how to do a really deep neck stretching exercise. She thought I was ready for it. I wasn’t. My poor neck. This kind of forward and backward progress of healing mirrors where my painting has gone over the past few weeks. I was not happy with the studio landscapes so I switched to portraits. The outcome so far has been a couple decent portraits and two “meh” ones. I did get out to plein air paint once and came home with a landscape I am happy with.

Young Girl With Tousled Hair Studio oil, 12"x12"
Young Girl With Tousled Hair
Studio oil, 12″x12″

This situation is frustrating all ’round and yet… I will look at it as a time to ponder where I am going with the work and to be inspired by others. My friend Fiona pointed me to the work of Edwige Fouvry. I prefer her landscapes to the portraits. Her work is extremely loose and though I don’t see myself going to that extreme, I do appreciate it. My work is not loose enough yet so it makes me want to push myself. Perhaps loosening my painting up will allow my neck to let go!

Across the Strait Plein air Oil, 10"x12"
Across the Strait
Plein air Oil, 10″x12″O
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back