Practicing Practice

I’ve managed to free up Mondays through the fall for making art. Today’s Monday began with a glowing pink and orange sunrise which made way for our standard fall showers. We need the rain and it is the perfect studio weather. I am learning how to paint again.

I’ve never focused on landscape painting this intensely before and am finding it quite a challenge. The confidence I have with other mediums and subject matter slips away and I find myself doubting this direction. However, I want to paint landscapes. Well. So I continue.

What I really want to do is to paint landscapes en plein air. But for now, for the fall, I practice in the studio, prepare and gather tools for launching myself outdoors and watch the environment around me with an eye for light, value and composition. Learning to paint is one thing. Developing a personal style is another. The studio wall will house the paintings which show some progression, so I don’t get too discouraged. I am determined.

I love people and patterns

image of pattern and portrait

I do.

I love the feelings which come over me when a pattern is revealed. Be it visually in the form of a graphic pattern or rhythm; facial features and expressions; writing or speaking; human actions and interactions; everyday activities or complex rituals. Patterns are satisfying.

And I love the simple focus it takes to create a portrait which reflects some of the complexity of an individual and the joy which bursts inside me when I can pair that portrait with a meaningful pattern.

Yes, I am gestating a new artistic direction. I’ve taken a break from making art (sculpting) to deal with life and an issue with my arm and shoulder (from sculpting without a break! Silly me). And what is developing is a return to what makes me happy – people and patterns.

Since I also love jumping from medium to medium… I’m not sure where the process will start. I do know it will be exciting.

Stay tuned!

Art Summer 2014

The Summer of Art has begun, and it’s going to be a busy one!

I’ve been holding on to patience and excitement following the submission of applications for the Sooke Fine Arts Show and the AGGV Moss St. Paint-in. The results came down recently and Andrew and I were accepted into both shows!

For the Sooke show, all 3 of each of our submissions were accepted. Because the jurors change every year, and it’s not a themed show, you never know if your work will be accepted. I’ve had none, one, two and now all of my pieces accepted over the years. This year I will be exhibiting 3 portrait sculptures and Andrew chose 3 beautiful portrait drawings. It’s all portraits all the time! An interesting aspect of this is that my portraits are all male and Andrew’s are female. I do believe that’s a sign for me to get on the female track… and I plan to do so by having a lovely friend model for me. She has glorious strawberry blonde wavy hair and a sweet fair complexion. I can’t wait to get started.

For the paint-in, I was caught a bit off guard by being accepted to the Sooke show because it means I won’t have my sculptures with me and I indicated that I’d be doing a small-scale portrait sculpture as demo activity. This year I’ll learn from last year and scale down the number of art cards and prints I bring and focus on my ceramic plates and how best to present them. Last year was our first at the paint-in and I was a deer-in-the-headlights. People LOVE to talk about art, so I will focus on this social aspect and doing a little demo rather than standing there catching flies with my mouth open in awe. Awe of how many people there are walking by (and dogs!), how happy everyone is and whether or not people like my work! I will relax. I promise. 🙂

Both shows are an awesome chance to see how many talented artists there are on the island, view some amazing work (and appreciate those who are still growing in to their art) and to interact with not just the artists but patrons who love to talk art.

And I hope to see you there!