My spot at Aylard Farm

Aylard farm in East Sooke was the latest lovely spot in our weekend painting adventures. The weather was mixed as we made our way out there with rain and clouds making way for a few patches of light blue. Once set up, the sky began to clear more so I ventured out from under the covered picnic area to paint by the edge of the ocean.
Painting outside has made such a difference in our lives. We used to go walking and hiking to many of these locations but just being there, in the spot, for a goodly amount of time, allows me space to just watch and listen. Like when you decide to stop formulating a response in a conversation and just listen… I am just listening to the world when I paint. Outside.
This painting came off the brush very quickly. It felt new and challenging but also familiar. I know those blues. I understand those mountains. Those clouds are crazy! And there they go. And here come others. The dialogue in my mind as I paint is one to treasure and learn from. In this painting I felt acceptance – of why I was there, of the marks I was making and of the result. It just was. Right.

Across the Strait Plein air oil, 9" x 12"
Across the Strait
Plein air oil, 9″ x 12″
Time to Contemplate