My first streetscape.

Headed Home, Studio oil, 8″ x 10″

Having just completed a large, complex piece (The Fall, below), I was looking for something smaller and simpler to finish up the weekend. I’m in love with the work of Seattle artist Robin Weiss, in particular his streetscapes. They feel so west coast and are not too tight, not too loose – they are just right. It’s difficult to describe why I am so attracted to them. He’s good.

I had sourced a couple street photos and chose a dusky, wet street scene. Jumping into the work, my thought was to just try it – what could happen?! Coming off what I thought was a successful painting made it easy to take that risk.

So began this new landscape; as simple blocking in abstract colours and shapes.


By the time I came up for air (or coffee, as the case may be), it was starting to come together nicely. It’s a very satisfying experience to let go of trying to make paint look like something and just put down shapes, colours, tone, and the spaces in between. A challenge in this one was to make those shapes look elegant in and of themselves. Sure, the finished piece looks nice but when I focus in on the brush strokes and small shapes, they are not particularly that attractive. This will be something to work on.

Since I enjoyed the process and the product of this one, I do believe there will be more streetscapes on the easel soon. Perhaps even a plein air version! Imagine that! I’m such a risk taker! 😉

It’s all great fun.

Here’s the larger piece I finished prior to Headed Home.

The Fall
The Fall, Studio oil12″ x 24″
Try Something New