This year the art events start early with the Gorge on Art festival on July 1. This is our first year taking part and while I imagined a lazy sunny day painting while the occasional folk wandered by (exaggeration), I am now hearing that this event has grown to more than 10,000 visitors and our weather is HOT. So… unless my dear Andrew Bartley intends to cover all the socializing, I’m going to have to put the brushes down and pay attention to the crowd while hydrating and sheltering.

As you can see from the studio shot above, preparations for all of this summer’s events involves stripping the place clear of all our new artwork. It looks so bright and white in there again! The worthy work has been framed, labelled, inventoried and boxed up, ready for new horizons. The not worthy has gone to the recycle bin. I do hope this year is as good or better for us in sales because… uh, well, doesn’t everyone need that extra cash?!

I’ve been letting this little dream enter into my psyche. The dream of taking a year off of showing to just paint. To build up that body of work I’ve been chasing. However, sales are now a big part of our cycle, allowing  us to stock up on supplies and do all that framing. Ah well, I have so much in life, this little dream will stay relegated to my brain to continue the dance of happy brain cells. Where would I be without a little dream taunting and teasing me into making more art?!

And speaking of making art… plein air painting has slipped into oblivion what with our little frame-it-ourself experiment. Which failed miserably. I can’t blame it all on that – getting ready to show in other ways has taken time and I’ve been suffering from allergies as bad as they were in Halifax. What we have to look forward to is painting at Friday’s Gorge event and then at the 29th Annual TD Art Gallery Paint-In on July 16. Then we have a month off of work and the world is ours. Hot dog!